Nedsa b.v.


We provide engineering, procurement and construction management services to our customers in the following fields:

Oil and Gas Production

» Wellhead Facilities
» Metering Stations
» Gathering Manifolds
» Separation and Desalting Units
» Produced Water Disposal
» Production Units
» Storage and Loading / Unloading Facilities

Gas Processing

» Condensate & Water Removal
» Acid Gas Removal
» Sulfur Removal
» Dehydration
» Tail Gas Treating
» NGL Recovery
» Fractionation

Petroleum Refining

» Atmospheric / Vacuum Distillation
» Hydrotreating
» Merox Treaters
» Isomerization
» Amine Treating
» Claus Sulfur Unit
» Hydrogen Unit
» Storage and Loading / Unloading Facilities

Petrochemical and Chemical

» Aromatics
» Polyethylene (HDPE / MDPE, LDPE)
» Polystyrene


Modular construction of process package skids can be instrumental in reducing the overall time schedule and in many instances the price of projects. A single piece of equipment mounted on a skid together with its peripheral components or a complete process unit mounted on multiple skids and ready for site installation; we can design and build the package to meet a project’s specific requirements. Modular design can be applied for packages such as:

» Oil dehydrators, electrostatic separators, desalters
» Water in oil coalescers
» Indirect heaters, water bath heaters
» High efficiency separators
» Loading / Unloading Stations
» Methanol recovery, methanol regeneration
» Gas dehydration, glycol dehydration, glycol regeneration
» TEG dehydration, TEG regeneration, MEG regeneration
» Molecular sieve units
» Low temperature separation units, JT units
» Filter coalescers, gas coalescers
» Indirect heaters, water bath heaters

Water Treatment

» Water Treatment Plants
    » Industrial
    » Municipal
» R.O. Systems
» Waste Water Treatment
    » Municipal
    » Industrial
    » Hospitals



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