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Our Strengths

The Hydrocarbon and Energy Industries have their own set of unique challenges, including tight time schedule, environmental constrains and tight financial budgets.

Our long time experience in engineering, procurement and project management activities related to these industries has given us the confidence to face these challenges proactively and efficiently.
At the same time our structure makes us a competitive player, capable of coping with the industry’s challenges in a cost effective manner. We do not have the burden of owning and maintaining heavy machinery or hefty costs for R&D activities to create and sustain proprietary technologies; instead we rely on our highly experience staff and our meticulously developed processes and procedures to provide high quality services for our clients. We strive for using
new technologies in our internal processes as well as for our clients by utilizing open innovation models.

History of success

The company has been continuously active in executing challenging projects during its whole existence. Starting from participation in smaller projects such as production units, the company has grown to be in the position to participate
in engineering and procurement activities for large size projects.


We recognize that managing sustainability impacts associated with the oil and gas industry and producing petrochemical products is an important responsibility.
This includes addressing the challenges associated with climate change risks, and operating in remote and sensitive areas of the world.
In NEDSA, we promote continuous performance improvement on environmental, health and safety, and socio-economic subjects by developing and utilizing good industry practices and implementing them in execution of our projects.

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